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Don’t Get Blind-Sided by a Technicality.

You Could Lose Everything… you’ve worked so hard to build because you neglected to organize and file adequate corporate records every year. Even if you believe you have all the formalities covered, one small “chink” in your corporate armor could cost you everything… even your personal assets!

Cover Your Legal Bases… When was the last time a business attorney actually reviewed your corporate records? Take the brief Survey: “Are You at Risk?” on this page. If you answer “NO,” “NO,” “YES,” “NO,” you are very vulnerable.

An Easy, Affordable Solution… is a phone call away. Attorney Andrew Gale (of the Orange County California Law Offices of Gale & Vallance) will review and audit your corporate records for FREE, and without obligation. He will also provide a firm flat fee for bringing your records into compliance.

Protect your business, your personal assets, and your future.

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Survey: Are You at Risk?

1. Are your corporate records up to date through this year?

2. Does an attorney audit your corporate records for legal compliance annually?

3. If a creditor pierced your corporation’s veil, do you have personal assets to lose?

4. If your personal assets were taken, could you easily replace them?

If you answer NO, NO, YES, NO, you are very vulnerable.

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